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We take the individuals we meet in the activities listed or who call us to appointments (social security, doctor, car
registration, etc.), connect them to rehab facilities, county services and benefits.
We also provide toiletry bags, clothing, sleeping bags, blankets, tents, transportation etc. 


For over 6 years we have offered a mailing address for homeless
residents requesting one. Mail is distributed weekly at one location.


Volunteers: 2 individuals and one business partner. (Range of participants: 30-150: Our
numbers dropped off dramatically since COVID)


Vallejo Together pays for homeless residents to stay in motels when funding permits. We also transport homeless residents to transitional shelter for the City. Members of the Vallejo Homeless Roundtable are in communication with companies and agencies regarding the creation of individual transitional shelters and potential outdoor sites for our residents.


For over 3 years we have partnered with the St. Vincent de Paul Society from St. Basil the Great Church to provide laundry service at a laundromat on the 4th Saturday of each month. The church members cover the cost of the wash and dry and the detergent. Vallejo Together coordinates otherindividuals and churches to cover meals for the morning. This service is open to our low income housed and unhoused residents.


Volunteers: 6+ individuals and two+ churches (Range of participants: 25-40)


Since April of 2020, we have been serving 150 meals, 4-6 days per week to our homeless and nearly homeless residents throughout the city. Prior to the pandemic, we prepared and distributed meals each Friday for 10 years. 


Volunteers: 30 individuals, material and financial support from 8 churches, two other nonprofits, two businesses. Volunteer drivers are in great need!


Vallejo Together depends on donor generosity to help those in need in our community. We welcome any and all donation amounts- every dollar helps. Vallejo Together welcomes donations in the form of time as well. Please go to the contact tab to get in touch. Thank you for giving! 



For one year we have partnered with Lighthouse Covenant Fellowship in Benicia, to bring mobile showers to our Vallejo residents. We suspended service for 3 months due to the pandemic. We are now operating 6 days per month but are preparing to expand to 12 days per month in March, 2021. Lighthouse Covenant Fellowship owns the unit. We have a MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) with the church and coordinate the operation of the unit.


Volunteers: 7 individuals, 3 church partners and one non-profit. Volunteers are needed. 


Since January, 2020, we have worked with residents of different encampments in Vallejo to collect and take to the local dump over 31,500 tons of trash. Vallejo Together contributed over $2,150 to this effort. We received cash and garbage bag donations from community members and the City. We continue to collaborate with the City and State in this effort. 

Volunteers: 4 and residents from encampments; partners with Office of Community Engagement, Public Work Dept. and CalTrans


Vallejo Together founded this body in November of 2018. Prior to the pandemic, we met monthly (in person) for two hours. Since April, 2021, we have met weekly via Zoom for half an hour. VallejoTogether chairs this meeting and coordinates the networking and outreach for this group. We are made of representatives from the public, City, County, other non-profits, parks and recreation, faith based communities, educational and medical institutions. Our minutes go to over 75 people including law enforcement and both state and national legislative representatives. There are many other meetings, phone calls, emails and texts that occur due to the work of this group.


Volunteers: 6 individuals and those partners who are volunteers.

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